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Retroreflectometer For Road Marking Open Optical Path

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TBTRMR-2J road marking retroreflectometer is an open-optical-path designed small size portable on-site measuring instrument;


Main use is to measure the in-night brightness of road marking made of retroreflective material simulating under illumination from the headlights of vehicles driving on road, i.e,  the in-night brightness observed by the driver in vehicle. The measured parameter is the nighttime retroreflective brightness coefficient, namely RL value.

This instrument test result accurate and repeatable, simple to operate, can be used in laboratory or field. 

1. Open-optical-path design. Suitable for measuring under 3 conditions:

dry RL, Wet and continuous Rainfall

2. Fast measurement (measuring retroreflective brightness coefficient in 2 seconds).

3. Automatic calculating the average of results of multiple measurements.

4. Calibration system in line with international standards, only calibrate white color.

5. Long standby and fast recharging.

6. 5-inch daylight screen.

7. Data storage more than 100,000 pcs.

8. GPS accurate positioning.

9. USB data interface, test report is exported to computer as database.

10. Measurement data real-time voice broadcast.

11. The Bluetooth printer prints the test results on spot.

12. Touching keyboard to edit.

13. Display temperature and humidity real time.

Measurement items:

retroreflective coefficient  ( mcd.m-2.lx-1  )

Measurement range:


Observation angle:


Angle of incidence:

88.76°, Complementary angle is 1.24°

Light source color temperature:


Measuring aperture area:

200mm x 95mm

Error of repeatable measurement:


Continuous working time of battery:


Data storage space:


Built-in battery capacity:

12V, 5.2Ah


DC 15V

Working temperature & humidity:

 -15℃~60℃, <98%, no frost


360mm x 135mm x 125mm



Main unit


Carry case


Warranty card


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