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  • 2020-09-29

    [Company News] Holiday Notification for National Day!

    To all of our dear customers,Due to China

  • 2020-08-14

    [Company News] Another batch of FWD will travel across the Sea to meet customers

    TBT's competitive product FWD has been loved by overseas customers in recent years, it brings the company bulk purchase orders continuously. In factory, a row of machines are being carefully tested and calibrated, after carefully packing, they will soon enter containers, board on ocean ship, then g

  • 2020-08-22

    [Industry news] Why do you need a road surface profiler?

    The road surface profiler’s optical components can produce large projection points and the internal sampling rate can be several times higher than the output. The polygon mirror on the road surface profiler allows the projection point to sweep across the width of the road. Another advantage is that the projection point in the scan direction is effectively widened.

  • 2020-08-18

    [Industry news] Why do we need retroreflectometer?

    New drivers may hesitate whether they need to buy a retroreflector, after all, its price is usually not cheap. So what is special about the retroreflective meter? Why is the retroreflectometer so important to the driver?

  • 2020-08-13

    [Industry news] What does an asphalt binder tester do?

    The asphalt binder tester consists essentially of a high precision apparatus combining an ignition oven to a continuous weighing system to monitor the loss of weight of the asphalt sample and to automatically determine, at the end of the test, the binder content and percentage. An independently controlled auxiliary afterburner chamber significantly reduces the furnace emissions. The asphalt binder tester is supplied complete with double sample basket/safety cover, extraction fork and 3 meters of metal exhaust pipe.

  • 2020-08-10

    [Industry news] What do you know about road surface profiler?

    The road surface profiler is a pavement sensor developed with the latest professional technology. Safer to use, economical and practical, easy to install on any vehicle worldwide are its advantages. The road surface profiler was originally developed for PSI. The road surface profiler has a 90-degree Angle of view and can scan a 4.3-meter range at a speed of 1,000 times per second, as long as it is mounted on a test vehicle with a road surface of 2.15 meters or more.

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