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We provide various testing equipment for civil engineering and laboratory use. Our products can be widely used in various engineer projects including municipal, highway, bridge, tunnel, railway, etc.
Asphalt testing equipment: gives the ability to design and test the paving materials used in road, bridge, or airport runway. The testing equipment also undertakes pavement testing on highways and airport runways to ensure compliance with quality and performance specifications.
Universal testing machines: it can test the physical properties of common engineer materials, components and products.

Asphalt Binder Tester

The Asphalt Binder Tester is designed and made as per “Asphalt Content Test in Bituminous Mixtures ( Combustion Furnace Method ). 

The determination of asphalt binder content and percentage is the most important propertry which may influce the pavement quality and performance; This content can be tested via ignition and extraction method, ignition method use a combustion furnace to burn the sample and get the loss of weight for further calculation, While extraction method use centrifugal force to make sample content separate due to different content quality.

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