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Crossing mountains and seas, sets of TBT's advanced testing equipment arrives in the university laboratories in Hong Kong, Australia and Middle East,
serving the university's civil engineering laboratories and materials research institutions.
Asphalt lab. for specimen prepare
Including: Marshall electric compactor, Wheel Tracker, water bath, multi-functional Compression Tester. These are for sample preparation and we have different models according to customer’s requirement as per standard; 
Asphalt compactor factory site
Marshall electric compactor is a standard compactor for forming cylinder specimen of Φ101.6mm×63.5mm  or Φ152.4mm×95.3mm, used in standard Marshall test and indirect tensile test (split method). We supply both single mold, dual mold type, also for the hammer lifting we have auto type which more convenient and more safe;
Asphalt lab. for specimen prepare
Preparation of Marshall Compaction Specimens, include cutting machine, gyrator compactor, roller compactor etc. We TBTSCIETECH has strong sales team and dedicated specialist trained engineers, support for all the clients.
Bitumen property testing lab
The lab include kinematic viscometer, dynamic viscometer etc. All these instruments are essential equipments for bitumen lab. 
Bitumen property testing lab
We design and supply whole set lab. Equipment as per standard requires and customer’s requirement; Equip with flash point tester, softening point tester, penetrometer, ductility tester, viscometer, a basic bitumen lab. Can be established; We can supply the whole equipment and supply Configuration Proposal for different customers;
Concrete creep test lab.
This Creep Test Rig is what we supplied to HK construction lab., with specially required temperature & humidity room, the test will be done for at least 6months and check the property of concrete; Our customer are using our asphalt testing equipment, now extending to our concrete and universal testing machines too; 
TBT Heavy Weight Deflectometer
TBT Heavy Weight Deflectometer(HWD) for S.America project, now starts!! Along with Heavy Weight Deflectometer, we provide Falling Weight Deflectometer, Retroreflectometer for traffic sign, Retroreflectometer for road marking, Axle Scale, all these work together to ensure the pavement quality and people's safety.

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