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  • 2020-08-06

    [Industry news] What are the advantages of the road surface profiler?

    There is no doubt that road profilers can play a big role in road safety, but do you know which stage of the road profiler technology is now in progress? How should I choose a road surface profiler?

  • 2020-08-03

    [Industry news] Things you need to know about falling weight deflectometer

    The Falling Weight Deflectormeter (FWD) came into being in the early 1970s. It is a pulsed dynamic sinuometer. It simulates the instantaneous impact of automobile load on the road surface and obtains the instantaneous deformation of the road surface. Its measurement results are more accurate, and the information is large.

  • 2020-07-31

    [Industry news] Things you need to know about asphalt binder tester

    Asphalt binder tester for most people is absolutely a very new thing, many people do not even know the test of asphalt binder content is what the purpose. One might think that simply putting asphalt on the road would do the trick, but that's not the case. So what is the asphalt binder testing machine?

  • 2020-07-28

    [Industry news] The usage of falling weight deflectometer

    Different bending basin radii were used for different pavement structures. Subgrade or flexible base asphalt pavement, sensor distribution within 2.5m from the load center can be used. For high grade highway with semi-rigid base asphalt pavement, the radius of influence of bending and sinking should be 3 ~ 5m. The sensor shall be arranged within a range of 3 ~ 4m from the load center and automatically measured under computer control. All test data can be displayed on the screen or printed or stored in the computer. Load, sinkage (basin), temperature of road surface, mean value of sinkage, distance between measuring points, standard deviation, coefficient of variation and data representing sinkage value and evaluation result can be output.

  • 2020-07-23

    [Industry news] The test of falling weight defelctometer

    Road and road transport infrastructure is critical to the socio-economic advancement of a country, with the development of urban construction, the standard of road construction is getting higher and higher, therefore, Road quality inspection has became a important step in road construction, As one of the most advanced non-destructive testing equipments for pavement strength in the world, falling weight deflectometer can quickly and accurately detect and evaluate the strength of various structural layers or subgrades on the pavement.

  • 2020-07-27

    [Industry news] The importance of an asphalt binder tester

    The importance of an asphalt binder testerIn the 1980s, the asphalt binder tester industry began to focus on the growing demand for a better understanding of the rheological properties of asphalt binders. Prior to this, basic flow characteristics were mainly measured by viscosity tests. For traditio

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