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Why use retroreflectometer for road markings?

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Retroreflectometer for road marking is mainly used for the detection of traffic signs, many people may have doubts about why traffic signs still need to be detected? I have had this before, but then after a detailed understanding of the use of the detection is very large. The next is the introduction of the reasons for use and precautions.

Here is the content list:

  • Reasons for use

  • Attention


Reasons for use

Our knowledge of many traffic signs is that we can drive according to the content of the signs in the process of driving, for example, there are requirements for speed on some roads, and there are some signs for general direction on some highways, and these are the roles played by traffic signs. So, we can drive according to the content of the signs when driving the vehicle so that we can also be in a stable state when driving.

In the last article, we talked about traffic signs in our usual driving vehicles are very important. But because traffic signs are on the side of the road, after a long time of use may appear faded and rusty, and even that some of them are accessible to people's hands, then there may be people above the smear, which is also very affected by our view and may even fall directly to nowhere. So, this time to use the retroreflectometer for road marking to measure, so that you can timely find the damage of the traffic signs and timely adjustment.

In recent years the new driverless technology is also a lot of attention, and driverless cars also need to be based on traffic signs to determine how to drive on the road.


Generally, when the weather conditions are good, you can use the retroreflectometer for road marking. In rainy or humid weather, you need to pay extra attention to the use, especially to be careful of splashing rainwater, but generally, rainwater is not directly into the interior of the dashboard. Therefore, it is only necessary to clean the outside of the retroreflectometer for road marking with a damp cloth. There is no need to use cleaning agents, etc. when cleaning. If there is dust on the calibration base, you can choose to remove it by compressed air or, more simply, by using a soft, damp cloth.

Nanjing T-Bota Scietech Instruments & Equipment Co., Ltd reminds you that traffic signs are very important in our driving, so regular inspection of signs that are found to be damaged or missing can be done in time to ensure that they are replaced and adjusted. This is the reason for using a retroreflectometer for road marking.

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