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Universal testing machine sensor installation of attention

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As an indispensable part of the universal testing machine, the role of the sensor, I believe I do not need to say, we all know the first, it is a kind of physical quantities, chemical quantities, and other information that can be felt by certain rules into a device to facilitate the measurement and transmission of signals, therefore, for the installation of the sensor, we need to pay special attention to the following matters.

Here is the content list:

  • Hold and place the sensor gently

  • Double coincidence

  • Keeping the base clean

  • Preventing chemical corrosion

  • Protection against high currents

  • Connecting bypasses

  • Keeping weeds out

  • Same plane

  • Pay attention to the range selection

testing machine

Hold and place lightly

When picking up sensors, especially those with small capacities, it is important to be gentle with them, knowing that any shock or drop caused by vibration is likely to cause errors in the output of the universal testing machine.

Double coincidence

When designing loading devices and mounting them, it is important to ensure that the lines of action of the loading force and the axis of force on the transducer coincide, thus reducing the effects of tilt and eccentric loads.

Keeping the base clean

About the base, the mounting surface should be as flat and clean as possible without the presence of any substances such as oil or adhesive film, and the base of the universal testing machine should be installed above the strength and rigidity of the transducer.

Preventing chemical corrosion

To prevent chemical corrosion from occurring, Vaseline needs to be applied to the surface of the sensor during installation. Also, avoid using the universal testing machine in direct sunlight and in environments where the ambient temperature changes dramatically.

Protection against high currents

Prevent high currents from passing directly through the sensor, which could damage the tester, and prohibit welding after installation.

Connecting bypasses

A copper braid bypass should be added to both ends of the sensor loading device of the universal testing machine.

Keeping weeds out

The main purpose of this is to prevent debris from falling into the moving part of the sensor and affecting its measurement accuracy.

Same plane

In terms of horizontal adjustment, if a single sensor is used, the base mounting plane of the universal testing machine should be adjusted to a horizontal plane using a level to do so. In the case of multiple sensors measuring at the same time, the mounting surface of these bases should also be kept as level as possible, to keep the forces on each sensor as uniform as possible.

Pay attention to the range selection

The range is selected to determine the load rating of the sensor to be used. Although the sensor itself has a certain overload capacity, it is important to avoid this as much as possible during installation and use, as sometimes a short overload can cause damage to the sensor of the universal testing machine.

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