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Retroreflectometer for road marking in rainy days

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Retroreflectometer for road marking plays a very big role in our traffic inspection, because many road markings and so on have a very big impact on the traffic, so it is necessary to use the measuring device to inspect the road markings during rainy days. Here we will look at the different features of the retroreflectometer for road marking used on rainy days and the introduction of moisture-proof methods.

Here is the content list:

  • The difference

  • Attention to moisture


The difference

Road markings can be said to be the silent language of the road, it plays a more obvious role in the night. We will find that the average accident rate at night is higher than during the day, especially at night when it is raining. On the one hand, the traffic road will be more slippery, and on the other hand, in the rain may not be able to see the traffic signs. Then at this time is the need to use a retroreflectometer for road markings to measure the road markings.

Because the role of road markings in-vehicle driving is also relatively important, the road markings must have a good rain reflective effect, so we now have a retroreflective markings detector, which can be in the case of some continuous rainfall on the markings retroreflective coefficient to measure and test. And this retroreflectometer for road marking can be measured in dry, wet, and rainfall environments, and can also be used to measure the retroreflective coefficient of oscillating markers, and the retroreflective coefficient of façade reflective markers can also be measured. And its calibration value can be saved for subsequent direct use, without repeated zeroing and calibration, which can also improve detection efficiency.

Attention to moisture

In the usual use of the retroreflectometer for road marking, we need to often observe the internal retroreflectometer for road marking has no condensation, to avoid the retroreflectometer for road marking into some water inside the line caused by the corrosion of the situation. Even more serious will lead to current short circuit equipment cannot be normal. So, we need to do a good job of waterproofing and dust-proofing the retroreflectometer for road marking when it is in use.

Generally speaking, the structure of this aspect should give the equipment to do a good job of moisture-proof, retroreflectometer for road marking itself needs to do more closely in the structure of some of the external moisture can be avoided to enter.

Can also be applied to the surface of the retro-reflective measuring instrument with a layer of moisture-proof protective coating, this kind of protective coating in the selection of the time is also should choose transparent to use, so that can also play a good role in anti-corrosion and anti-mildew.

There is also a relatively simple method that is not usually used when the retroreflectometer for road marking will be placed in the electronic moisture-proof box in the moisture-proof effect is also very good.

Nanjing T-Bota Scietech Instruments & Equipment Co., Ltd reminds you that only in this way can you avoid damage or inaccurate measurement data due to moisture

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