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What are the advantages of the universal testing machine?

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As we all know, in companies engaged in rubber, steel, metal, steel,non-metal, and other industries, there is a need to test the material under test or the material under test to understand the material sold or the specification of the material to make it simpler, a tool is needed to test it, this tool is called universal testing machine. It is possible to know the quality and thickness of the material under test by tensile test or compression test. Get very accurate results from the tensile test and compression test on the universal testing machine. Get a good standardization of the product to market. Let's talk about the advantages of universal testing machines.

Here is the content list:

  • Versatility

  • Can handle larger samples

  • Determine tensile strength

  • Can perform shear and compression tests



The main advantage of the universal tester is that the equipment can be used to test the strength, durability, and suitability of most materials. The universal tester can pull, compress, bend or stretch material to its breaking point. It is mainly used in laboratories that produce and/or cast different types of plastics. The main advantage of the universal testing machine is that it can be used for a variety of tests You only need one machine to perform tensile testing, shear testing, compression testing, peel testing, bending testing, puncture testing, etc. It can pull, stretch, and compress materials until they reach their breaking point.

Can handle larger samples

A universal tester features one or two vertical columns mounted on a base. A second horizontal plate contains attachments to hold the sample in place and slide up and down as the stress tests the sample. Dual vertical column machines are preferred by most laboratories because they can handle larger samples in terms of size and weight.

Determining Tensile Strength

The most common test in universal testing machines is the determination of tensile strength. This is done by holding one end of the sample in place while the other end is pulled apart until the two sides are torn apart. Again, this process can be used to test flexural strength, with the difference that the machine pushes on one end of the sample instead of pulling on it. Some materials are flexible enough not to break and will not give a final result.

Capable of shear and compression testing

Universal testers are also capable of performing shear and compression tests. In the shear test, a metal blade enters the material at a constant speed until a piece of the sample is sheared off. In the compression test, the sample is pressed between the plates of the machine until it loses its shape or breaks. This test is often used to measure the strength of plastic foam or to determine how easily a plastic bottle loses its shape. Current models of universal testers feature digital controls and software that eliminates the need for specialized recorders, which were originally designed to record test information so that it could be read and interpreted by experts.

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