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Analogue Type Hydraiulic Universal Testing Machine

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This dial gauge type hydraulic universal testing machine with stable performance and accurate testing. Analogue type makes it's more stable and especially suitable for places with humidity.

  • TBTUTM-1000D

The testing machine is mainly designed for metal of tension test, compression test and bending test, also for non-metal of compression test, such as concrete and stone. If the proper jigs are provided, it can be used for various tests in the laboratories of mills, factories, colleges and research institute concerned.

1. This is analogue type which use dial gauge to read the result, require the operator to be experienced; 

2. Although it requies manual operating, but it's welcomed for many customers which supply the accurate testing data;

Max Capacity (kN)


Measuring Range (kN)

0 ~ 200 , 0 ~ 500, 0 ~ 1000

Accuracy (from 20% of the full testing range)

Grade 1

Time for Load Maintained (s)

≥ 30s

Max. distance between flexible clips (including ram travel)


Distance between upper and lower platens

0 ~ 600

Distance between two fulcrums of bending test

100 ~ 420

Cliping diameter for round specimen

Φ20 ~Φ60

Cliping thickness for flat specimen

0 ~ 40

Max. ram travel (mm)


Max rising speed of the ram (without load mm/min)

0 ~ 80

Dimensions (L*W* H)

Main frame (mm*mm*mm)


Console (mm*mm*mm)


Net Weight (Kg)

Main frame




1. working temperature: 10~35C

2. Relative humidity: less than 80%

3. Power supply: 220VAC or 380VAC

4. Machine should be placed in a clean place, away from vibration, corrosion and magnetic field.

A-1. Main Unit

A-2. Control Cabinet  

A-3. Operation manual, certificate of calibration

A-4. Accessories pack

A-4 Accessories pack

a. Jaw for round specimen D20~40/D40~60mm (4pcs each size)

b. Jaw for plate specimen D-~40mm(4pcs)

c. Upper platen, D230mm *1pc

d. Lower platen, D230mm *1pc

e. Ball-shaped plate D150mm *1set

f. Bending test device (Bending roller included)

g. Rubber tube for hydraulic jaw

 (For upper jaw: 3000 mm

For lower jaw: 2500 mm, 2pcs each)

h. Foundation screw and nut (M16×250、M24×300, 4PCS each)

Connection oil tube (13ⅡA rubber tube)

Connection plastic tube, 2 pcs

Pendulum counterweight, B, C, 1pc each

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