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How to use the electric density gauge?

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The electric density gauge strictly enforces national standards and is an instrument for measuring the density and compaction of hot mix asphalt pavement. Electric density gauge adopts electromagnetic induction technology instead of nuclear source radiation method, low cost, high safety, users do not have to worry about the cumbersome EIA application, time-consuming training, and harsh transportation control. With simple calibration, high accuracy, repeatability, and touch screen operation, the electric density gauge allows users to complete relevant operational training and master the techniques of on-site quality inspection in a short period. The electric density gauge can quickly measure the road separation, low density, uneven areas. Next is an introduction to the use and precautions of the Densitometer.

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The use of the electric density gauge method

In the field site, first according to the template with a hammer to insert the conical electrode or block in the soil in a cross pattern. Four point-to-point measurements are then taken between the bottom corners of the two conical blocks and the electrical properties are averaged. The user can choose to display density and moisture values in metric SI units or imperial units. The depth of javelin insertion directly affects the measurement depth. In addition, the taper of the marker block maintains positive contact with the soil through each hammer blow. The insertion depth of the marker block determines the measurement depth - different lengths are available. The display of the electric density gauge shows the menu operation steps and saves the measurement results.

Notes on the electric density gauge

Once calibrated, the electric density gauge can be used for each construction site and asphalt mixture. It is recommended that 5 or more readings be taken at each construction site based on the average measurement.

Keep the low part of the meter clean and dry to obtain readings. The contact surface of the electric density gauge with the asphalt should be clean, dry, and smooth. Therefore, after each reading, the surface of the electric density gauge probe should be wiped clean and dry.

When placing the electric density gauge on the asphalt pavement, check the asphalt surface for loose debris to ensure that the instrument is placed correctly. If the probe surface forms asphalt blocks, wipe clean with thinner.

Choose a dry test site. Although the electric density gauge has a humidity correction function, you can get a better reading if the humidity level at the test site is relatively low. If the test site is wet, wait for the humidity to evaporate or wipe dry with an absorbent cloth.

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