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Precautions for ground penetrating radar detection

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Ground penetrating radar in the detection of thickness, the face of the environment is very complex, there may be many unpredictable factors, to more clear and precise operation, correct and effective application and analysis, as far as possible to reduce data errors, we should focus on the following indicators, including echoes, road dielectric constant, ground location, etc. Therefore, in the process of ground penetrating radar detection, these parameters should be paid close attention to, on the one hand, to improve the efficiency of detection, on the other hand, to improve the accuracy of detection. The following are some details.

Here is the content list:

  • Echo

  • Ground location

  • Pavement dielectric constant

ground radar


The first point of attention, to determine the echo of the bottom interface. But before determining, first to attack a core problem, to extract the interface with the wave signal source. Due to the limited existing technical conditions, it is impossible to accurately distinguish the reflected waves of the roadbed interface from the road surface. And most of the waves and interference waves are not fixed, quite always changing, although we can use certain analyses, to suppress or find the interference waves, the premise is the need to find the accurate bottom interface echo signal. Specifically, you can use the interface reflection signal echo letter and interface reflection signal to analyze. Then we need to take the thickest place in the pavement structure as a reference point, the naked eye cannot be identified, you can find the thickest point from the ground penetrating radar detection image and comparative analysis. Or with the help of analyzing the detection waveform of ground penetrating radar to determine, and then use core drilling machine to get required specimen for asphalt thickness.

Ground location

The second point of attention, in addition to knowing the echo time, the actual propagation time of electromagnetic waves in the surface layer should also have a precise hold. At the same time, the location of the ground surface should be accurately determined, the judgment of the ground location will have the most direct impact on the readings of the thickness value of ground penetrating radar.

Pavement dielectric constant

The third point to note is that the key to ensuring the accuracy of the pavement thickness value is to calibrate the dielectric constant of the pavement. The dielectric constant can be affected by many factors, such as construction environment, pavement material, design process or compactness, etc., and the dielectric constant can vary at different probing points. Therefore, once the detection point is determined, the obvious calibration is carried out immediately, and samples are taken by borehole to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the detection results of ground penetrating radar, as well as the validity.

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