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Universal testing machine shutdown causes

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We use the universal testing machine in the process, there may be a sudden shutdown of the equipment, when encountering this situation, the user should learn to analyze the causes of the failure, and according to the specific reasons to seek solutions. Today I will briefly analyze the causes of the machine's downtime and the corresponding solutions, including the introduction of maintenance and repair methods.

Here is the content list:

  • Causes and solutions

  • Maintenance and care

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Causes and solutions

The motor does not rotate causing it not to work

Check whether the universal testing machine power supply or motor bad problem.

Problems with the motor and screw drive system

The sprocket drive may be slipping or the chain may be damaged. The turbine worm drive may be worn out.

Computer software online after a prompt box message overload

Check that the sensor has not been hit during recent tests or when operating the keyboard. Check if the software calibration or calibration function was used before the problem occurred. Check that the connection between the load cell USB plug and the industrial computer is not loose. Check if the calibration values, calibration values, or other information in the hardware parameters have been changed manually, if the calibration parameters have been changed please fix them with a backup copy of White in the PC.

The beam cannot be lifted

Check that the upper and lower collets are clamped and that the beam is in an external state. Check whether the beam of the universal testing machine has hit the upper and lower limit switches. Check that the upper limit switch has not been hit. If the upper limit switch is hit, it means that the oil has not been returned after the previous test and the limit switch should be replaced. Check whether the thermal relay of the reducer of the energy testing machine is protected, reset the thermal relay. Listen to the sound of the reducer when lifting and lowering the beam, if you hear a different working sound of the reducer, it means the screw is stuck.

Tip to open the device failed

Check whether the power supply of the industrial control machine is on. Check whether the communication line between the tester and the computer is connected properly. Check if the online connection is made after 15s of power on. Check if the USB hardware driver is normal in the device manager, if the driver is not normal then re-plug the USB connector and restart the test. If the driver still does not work properly, reinstall the software and the driver file will be reinstalled.

Maintenance and care

The universal testing machine needs to be warmed up for approximately fifteen minutes before the test can be carried out. If the Universal testing machine is switched off during a test or if it suddenly stops automatically, waits one minute before restarting. Universal testing machines in the beam table, workbench, and other areas need to pay attention to moisture, moisture, but also these areas should be coated with anti-rust machine oil, to protect the equipment does not produce rust phenomenon. During the operation of the universal testing, the machine needs to replace the load sensor, you must first turn off the power to the equipment so that the software system to control the equipment disconnected from the equipment before you can replace the sensor operation. If the universal testing machine for handling, you need to pay attention to maintain the horizontal handling direction as far as possible, the whole process needs to be maintained as smooth as possible, not to produce excessive vibration.

Nanjing T-Bota Scietech Instruments & Equipment Co., Ltd recommends that you read the above information carefully so that you can check the cause of the stoppage of your universal testing machine.

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