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Portable Axle Scale Touch Screen High Quality

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Axle Scale is a weighing instrument for measuring the weight of eachwheel axle of a car, in order to protect the pavement quality away from over weight damage; This model adopts touch screen with high quality, very popular exported to US and other countries.
  • TBTASG-20T

Axle load scale is a weighing instrument for measuring the weight of eachwheel axle of a car. This scale is of extraordinary functions and very goodperformance for that we have strictly implemented quality control measures as well as conducted a number of impact test. Con -sidering the convenience of the user, we have designed HELP function to the display of the scale, with which the user can use the product easily. 

1. Compact structure and light weight make it portable.

2. Ultra-thin weighing plate minimizes the intrinsic error of the weigh -ing system.

3. High-precision sensor makes easy acquisition of precise measure -ment values.

4. Built-in big-capacity rechargeable battery (6V/1OA). One time of charging will last for very long time. Besides, the scale is also designed with real-time battery monitoring function.

5. Automatic backlight display turn-off for saving power consumption.

6. Built-in clock for displaying and printing time and date.

7. Built-in micro thermal printer of fast and efficient printing perfor -mance.

8. Built-in full-matrix LCD screen (240 x 64) for displaying Chinese, assigned with 30 slight-touch keys and friendly HMI which facilitate the operation.

9. Each AD channel can be calibrated individually.

10.The weight of each wheel and axle as well as the total weight can be displayed and printed simultaneously.





Single alxe capacity:20t
Platform Size:400x500x40mm
Ramp size:400x250mm


Single alxe capacity:30t
Platform Size:800x450x40mm
Ramp size:800x350mm


Single alxe capacity:40t
Platform Size:900x350x40mm
Ramp size:900x350mm


Wireless alxe capacity:20t
Platform Size:400x500x29mm
Ramp size:500x300mm


Wireless alxe capacity:30t
Platform Size:700x430x29mm
Ramp size:700x330mm



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