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Triple Wheel Tracker

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it is mainly used for the determination of the high temperature anti-rutting ability of the asphalt mixture, and can also be used for the auxiliary inspection of the asphalt mixture ratio design.

It provides a lot of real and effective data for the domestic industry standard of the instrument prepared by the Ministry of Communications. Our institute is the main unit of the People's Republic of China Transportation Industry Standard (JT\T670-2006) rutting test machine.

II. Characteristics


2.1 The test methods and technical indicators used in this machine are in line with the industrial standards of the People's Republic of China: JTG E20 – 2011 test procedures and requirements for asphalt mixture rutting experiment T 0719-2011.


2.2 It can be used for water immersion test.


2.3 Three-way test can be performed simultaneously.


2.4 The instrument automatically controls the temperature, automatically generates and saves the test results; it is convenient to call historical data and output test reports.


2.5 point-to-point data acquisition: using the upper computer and lower computer measurement and control system to ensure the repeatability of the deformation volume acquisition space.


2.6 Data acquisition has high resolution and fast speed.


2.7 Wide temperature control range, high precision and good stability: PWM modulation is adopted for temperature PID control to ensure no overshoot of temperature.


2.8 The temperature is collected by the absolute temperature sensor, and there is no temperature drift for a long time test (the influence of the long-term working temperature drift of the general thermocouple temperature sensor on the test data is eliminated).


2.9 The box uses a large air circulation, and the temperature control precision is high.


2.10 Using high-precision displacement sensor, the accuracy is better than ±0.05mm under a large range.


2.11 The integrated structure of the test machine and the thermostat can be easily moved.


2.12 runs smoothly and has no hum.


2.13 The computer and the touch screen can be independently controlled (optional).


2.14 Nine test patterns can be preheated at the same time.


2.15 Small size, covering only 2.2m × 1.0 m.

III Software advantages


3.1 Non-marking function: The time and temperature can be set arbitrarily.


3.2 Real-time display of time-displacement deformation and time-temperature curve.


3.3 can show the rolling time and the number of rolling.


3.4 Automatic calculation and printing of vehicle stability values.


3.5 Accuracy calibration of displacement and temperature sensors is available in the software.


3.6 The device has a self-diagnostic function and can display the fault code to ensure reliable operation of the device.


3.7 Multi-point acquisition of deformation amount to improve the consistency of test results.

4.1 Displacement detection range

 0 ~ 30 mm.

4.2 Deformation detection accuracy

 ±0.05 mm, resolution 0.001 mm.

4.3 Temperature control range

 40 ~ 80 °C (arbitrarily adjustable).

4.4 Temperature control accuracy

 ± 1 ° C, resolution 0.1 °C.

4.5 Test piece height

 300 mm × 300 mm × (50-100) mm.

4.6 Rubber hardness of test wheel (international standard hardness)

 78±2 (60°C)

4.7 Test wheel grounding pressure


4.8 trolley walking speed

 42 times / min ± 1 time / min.

4..9 trolley walking distance

 230±10 mm

4.10 rutting test time

 20---600 min (arbitrarily adjustable)


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