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Static And Dynamic Steel Rail Test Machine

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The 3-station concrete rail sleeper pulsation fatigue tester is a multifunctional pulsating fatigue test system. To improve the project fatigue test efficiency, adopts 800ml large displacement pulsating hydraulic system , 3-station synchronous loading or 1-station independent loading are available, to achieve multi-functional, high-efficiency, energy-saving operation, and environmental protection.


The first domestic three-station sleeper fatigue tester, with the ability to test fatigue life at the same time of three samples per group, greatly improves the detection efficiency and reduces the operating cost. It adopts a 3-station self-reactive force integrated loading frame, which has a compact structure and a small footprint. This model is developed according to the technical requirements and design concepts put forward by the railway construction inspection station. It has been operating continuously and reliably for a long time in the China Academy of Railway Sciences. It is now a CRCC general fatigue testing equipment.


It is mainly used for testing the mechanical properties and fatigue life of large components and building structures. The machine is equipped with corresponding test loading attachments to achieve typical concrete or steel structures such as beams, columns, plates, frames, sleepers, rails and their welded joints, bridges (full-scale), steel trusses, rubber bearings, railway fasteners Static loading of assembly, steel wire anchors, cables, large deformed springs, slings, rigging, ring joints, automobile chassis, automobile front and rear axles, locomotive bogies, large-diameter precision-rolled rebar, highway pavement structures, etc. Dynamic load performance test and fatigue life test.

Mainly consists of:
1 set of pulsating hydraulic station
1 frequency conversion main motor
1 full digital measurement and control system
1 set  frequency conversion controller, 500kN high response and low damping
3 actuators
1 Advance tech industrial control computer system
1 data acquisition and processing system
1 pulsating fatigue test system software
1 set of three-station portal-type reflexive force loading frame with maximum load of 1500kN, 

Maximum static test force


3 * 500kN

Maximum dynamic test force

3 * 500kN

Test force accuracy

± 1%

Dynamic test force fluctuation

 ≤2% Fs

Dynamic test load asymmetry coefficient


Working frequency range

continuously adjustable 2-8Hz

The maximum pulsating displacement of the pulsating hydraulic stationsliding friction pair


 800 ml / time, steplessly adjustable; the main bearing structure adopts high load-bearing, high wear-resistant, anti-impact sliding friction pair;

Spindle speed control

Full digital electromagnetic stepless speed regulation, stable speed accuracy of 0.1%, speed change rate of 0.1%, speed measurement accuracy of 1rpm

 Pulsing displacement measurement indication

Proprietary anti-interference pulsating displacement electromagnetic measurement digital display technology, maximum capacity 103

 Test times measurement and control:

anti-interference electromagnetic measurement technology 1 time / revolution, maximum capacity 108 preset shutdown, automatic storage after power failure

pulsator main motor power


Lubricant pump motor powergear motor

1.5kW high-speed gear motor

Working oil pump motor power

RK-38 radial piston oil pump motor 1.5kW

Number of fatigue test channels

5, the pipeline is equipped with a switching device, which can perform single-point or multi-point simultaneous fatigue tests

** Actuator to be consulted separaely.

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