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Single Wheel Tracker

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it is mainly used for the determination of the high temperature anti-rutting ability of the asphalt mixture, and can also be used for the auxiliary inspection of the asphalt mixture ratio design.

  • TBTACZ-5

It provides a lot of real and effective data for the domestic industry standard of the instrument prepared by the Ministry of Communications. Our institute is the main unit of the People's Republic of China Transportation Industry Standard (JT\T670-2006) rutting test machine.

It is used to determine the wheel track resistance property of bituminous mixtures under high temperature condition(Immersed in water or not immersed in water).

1. PWM temperature control. It can control : ⑴Water temperature in chamber during water immersed wheel track test   ⑵ Ambient temperature of constant temperature chamber at a time.

2. The constant temperature chamber adopts outside circulatory heating mode. The uniformity and stability is good. No overshoots.

3. It shows time- displacement curves and time- temperature curves during a test.

4. It equips an absolute temperature sensor. No temperature drift in a long time test.  

5. The mechanical structure adopts wheel movement mode.

6. One wheel tester. It can determine both water immersion test or no water immersion test.

Wheel walking speed

42±1 times/min (one way)

Wheel walking distance:

230 ± 10 mm

Wheel rubber hardness (international standard hardness):

 78 ± 2 (60 ℃)

ground pressure with test specimen:

 0.7 ± 0.05MPa

Specimen size:

300 * 300 * 50 (mm)

Displacement measurement range:

 0 ~ 30 mm

Displacement measurement accuracy:

 less than 0.01 mm

Wheel-track test time:

20 --- 300 min (adjustable)

Temperature range for control box (can be set):

room temperature ~ 80 ℃, control accuracy ± 0.3 ℃

Power :

voltage 380V 50HZ 3KW (need working neutral wire).


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