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Mult Function Pavement Material Strength Testing Machine

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The pavement material strength meter adopts bench type, with multi-function to do marshall test, CBR test, unconfining test;

  • TBTPST-100B

Through the English menu on the LCD screen, the test process of the whole test piece can be automatically processed to form a complete test file for archiving and Print a test report. The operation is simple, the test data is accurate, and the performance is stable and reliable. Equipped with standard R232 data interface, it can be connected with external printer or computer. It is the ideal pavement material strength test equipment for each test unit.

The intelligent controller display can show stability & flow value, it also adopts interface to connect with PC which help connecting with laptop or desktop computer, and can show curve, save the file and print test reports.

Max. Capacity


pressure sensor measurement range


Accuracy: ≤1%

Double Displacement load cell measuring range

0 — 15mm 

Accuracy: ≤1%

Penetration rod diameter

¢50mm±0.05mm. 100mm long

allow the maximum size of the mixture


Power supply

working voltage: Main unit  AC220V 50Hz

Controller AC220V 50Hz

Environment temperature

0℃ — 60℃

Test press rising speed

1.27mm/min and 50.8mm/min two speed

PC interface

DB9  232



Main unit


pressure sensor


Double Displacement load cell


PC interface




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