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Marshall Stability Test Apparatus with Proving Ring

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This machine is used to determine the stability and flow value of asphalt mixture, which is compressed under ruled temperature and speed.
  • TBTMWD-1

It is used to do the Marshall stability test for bituminous materials.

The apparatus is used to determine thermal stability of bituminous mix material and capability of resisting-plastic deformation and flow value of the material as well as providing accurate basis For the composition of bituminous mix material.

1. Max. Capacity


2. Adding load


3. Proving ring


4. Micrometer

 0-10mm, accuracy  0.01mm

5. Power supply

 AC220V, 50Hz;

6. Motor capacity




Main Unit

 1 set

Proving Ring, 30kN

 1 set

Flow value meter

 1 piece

Specimen pressure head

 1 set

Manual book

 1 set


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