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What are the advantages of falling weight deflectometer

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Transportation facilities are the basis of a city's development, with the development of urban construction, the standard of road construction is getting higher and higher, therefore, Road quality inspection has became a important step in road construction, falling weight deflectometer is a essential device in road quality inspection, it can help civil engineers to do a nondestructive deflection test of existing pavement. Let you have a fully understand about the pavement.


The main points of this article

1. what’s falling weight deflectometer

2. the working principle of falling weight daflectometer

3. the use of falling weight deflectometer

4. advantages of falling weight deflectometer 

falling weight deflectometer

What’s falling weight deflectometer

Falling weight deflectometer is a essential device for road construction and post-maintenance, it’s mostly used by civil engineers, falling weight deflectometer has a wide use that range from assess the structural capacity of pavement, estimate the remaining life of pavement to help the civil engineers choose a cost effective solution on pavement rehabilitation. Falling weight deflectometer usually consist of load impact system, radar and sensor system and the built-in computer 

The working principle of falling weight daflectometer

The design of falling weight deflcetometer is aim to simulate a load generated by rolling vehicle, falling weight deflcetometer is consist of a computer, the load impact system, the radar and sensor system, falling weight deflectometer can be connected to a truck or a van, when falling weight deflectometer passing the road surface, the load impact system will apply a load to the pave, the radar and sensor system will collect the rebound pulse from the road surface and upload to the built-in computer, the computer will calculate and analysis the data in a second and give you the outcome right away, you can have a comprehensive understanding about the road immediately.

The use of falling weight deflectometer

As the development of construction level of transportation facilities, falling weight deflectometer has an unreplaceable status in road construction industry, it has a wide range of application like Pavement repair and coverage, road quality assessment, PCC seam seal assessment, Pavement management system, Void detection, Spring load limit, test paving material and project acceptance and evaluation etc, falling weight deflectometer can greatly reduce unnecessary costs and reduce working hours for civil engineers.

Advantages of falling weight deflectometer

As a data collection and quality Inspection device, falling weight deflectometer has very powerful data processing ability, it can complete data collection and processing in seconds. Other than this, falling weight deflectometer is suitable for a variety of road types, no matter local road, or high way even the airport pavement, there is always right model of falling weight deflectometer can meet your needs. And falling weight deflectometer is a fully automated intelligent device, there is no operational difficulty of falling weight deflectometer.

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