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Light Weight Deflectometer LWD

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TBT Light Weight Deflectometer LWD is a portable version of FWD, with loading cell & geophones, it can be used to test asphalt pavement & railway subbase, the data get from LWD can be used to calculate the strength of multiple pavement layers. TBTLWD-1 is made as per Standard: Chinese Industry Standard JTG E60 - 2008.

  • TBTLWD-1
  • TBTLWD-1


Loading device

Hammer:10.0kg (optional 15kg, 20kg)

Maximum drop height: 700mm

Maximum impact loading:20kN

Pulse loading shape: Half sine

Wave pulse loading duration15~30ms

Material: galvanized alloy steel

Weight15kg (including 10 kg hammer)


Loading board

Diameter300mm (optional 200, 450mm)


Materialgalvanized alloy steel


Electronic Settlement (wireless control)

Loading force measurement range25 kN

Loading force measurement accuracy<2%

Displacement measurement range2mm

Displacement measurement accuracy< 1%

Measurement time per point<1 minute

Sensors for displacement measuring3pcs  (expandable)

Data storage capacity2000 group test data

Power supplyLithium battery

Continuous working time12 hours

Working environment temperature range-10 ~ 40°C

Working environment humidity rangenot more than 85% RH (no condensation)

Main functions:

Rapid test subgrade reaction coefficient  K value.

Rapid test subgrade elastic modulus E value.

Quickly evaluate joint transfer capacity levels.

Display waveform of loading & displacement.

Loading board wireless connect with smart mobile phone (via WiFi) for data transfer, with blue tooth printer.


The detail application range:

Asphalt pavement, railway subbase and subgrades and earthwork construction projects.

Ditch soil quality inspection.

Construction cushion quality inspection.

Pile hole, pit quality inspection.

Deformation modulus detection of building foundation frame.

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