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The test of falling weight defelctometer

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Road and road transport infrastructure is critical to the socio-economic advancement of a country, with the development of urban construction, the standard of road construction is getting higher and higher, therefore, Road quality inspection has became a important step in road construction, As one of the most advanced non-destructive testing equipments for pavement strength in the world, falling weight deflectometer can quickly and accurately detect and evaluate the strength of various structural layers or subgrades on the pavement.

The main points of this paper are as follows:

1. What’s falling weight deflectometer

2. The advantages of falling weight deflectometer

3. The analysis of falling weight deflectometer


What’s falling weight deflectometer

Falling Weight Deflectometer FWD

Falling weight deflectometer is an indispensable data measurement tool for road construction and quality inspection. As one of the most advanced non-destructive testing equipment for pavement strength in the world, due to its wide applicability, accurate data measurement, and simple and convenient operation procedures, the drop-type deflection device is being used more and more widely. 


The advantages of falling weight deflectometer

Compared with traditional road detection methods, falling weight deflectometer has many advantages as following.

(1) Falling weight defelctometer relying on intelligent equipment operation, low work intensity, high efficiency, high reliability, and low manpower demand.

(2) The fulcrum of falling weight deflectoeter is fixed and stable, ensuring the accuracy of the test results, and preventing the occurrence of the calibration due to the correction of the fulcrum deformation.

(3) Falling weight deflectometer can not only be used to measure the single point (maximum) rebound deflection value of subgrade pavement under static vehicle load, but also can be used under dynamic conditions.

(4) Compare with traditional measurement methods, falling weight deflectometer can reflect the dynamic characteristics of the pavement structure under the driving load and the shape of the entire deflection basin;

(5) Falling weight deflectometer can applied to do large scale and long term tracking observation of roads 


The analysis of falling weight deflectometer

Using falling weight deflectometer to collect road data is an efficient and accurate method. Falling weight deflectometer consists of load impact, deflection sensors and computers. The data acquisition and transmission is completed by high-precision sensors, which ensure the accuracy of the data. The radius of the deflection basin is adjustable. According to the road structure, the radius of the deflection basin will be different. Therefore, the applicable road surface of falling weight deflectometer is very wide. When measuring roadbed or flexible base asphalt pavement, the sensor is distributed within 2.5 meters from the center of the load. When measuring the semi-rigid base asphalt pavement structure, the radius of influence of the deflection is 3-5 meters, and the sensor distribution range should be arranged within 3-4 meters from the load center to measure the shape of the road deflection basin; The main technical feature of falling weight deflectometer is that the speed measurement is fast, it can reach about 40 seconds per measurement point, and the precision and high resolution can reach 1 micron. falling weight deflectometer's operation mode is automatic measurement under computer control, full intelligent automatic operation, saving time and effort, all test data can be displayed on the screen or printed out or stored on a floppy disk. Provide users with timely and accurate measurement data.


Summary of this article

In recent years, the monitoring and maintenance of roads have received more and more attention from the society, the maintenance of roads has a great effect on the quality assurance of roads. Using falling weight deflectometer to collect road data is an efficient and accurate method. With many years of falling weight deflectometer design and manufacturing experience.TBT offer a variety of falling weight deflectometer models to meet customers' needs. Just click the link to find the one you like https://www.tbtscietech.com/

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