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The importance of a kinematic viscometer

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Kinematic viscometers can play a huge role in measuring the viscosity of various liquids, so how is it different from other types of viscometers? Is there a disadvantage to the kinematic viscometer? How to use a kinematic viscosity meter to avoid errors and accidents?


Kinematic Viscometer

  • What is the use of a kinematic viscometer?

  • Precautions for using a kinematic viscometer

  • Advantages and disadvantages of capillary viscometer


What is the use of a kinematic viscometer?

In practical engineering and industrial production, it is often necessary to check the viscosity of the fluid online to ensure the best process operating environment and product quality, thereby improving production efficiency. By measuring the viscosity of the liquid in the process, the data of the rheological behavior of the liquid can be obtained, which has important guiding value for predicting the process control of the product process, the transportability and the operability of the product in use. The properties of liquids are often related to other properties of the product such as color, density, stability, solid content and molecular weight. The most convenient and sensitive way to detect these properties is to measure the viscosity of the liquid on-line. The range of process technology requirements for on-line viscosity testing minimizes product scrap rates and downtime for production lines.


A kinematic viscometer is a physical property analyzer that measures the viscosity of a fluid. Viscosity is a physical property of a fluid substance. It reflects the internal friction between molecules when the fluid is subjected to an external force. The viscosity of the substance is closely related to its chemical composition. In industrial production and scientific research, the composition or quality of a substance is often monitored by measuring viscosity. For example, in the production process of polymer materials, the kinematic viscosity meter can monitor the viscosity of the synthetic reaction product and automatically control the reaction end point. Others such as petroleum cracking, blending of lubricating oils, automatic control of production processes for certain foods and pharmaceuticals, monitoring of crude oil pipeline transportation processes, quality inspection of various petroleum products and paints, etc., require viscosity measurements.


Precautions for using a kinematic viscometer

The performance index of the kinematic viscometer instrument must meet the requirements of the national metrological inspection regulations. The instrument in use should be periodically checked. If necessary (the instrument is used frequently or in a qualified critical state), an intermediate self-check is performed to determine that the metering performance is acceptable, and the coefficient error is within the allowable range, otherwise accurate data cannot be obtained.


Pay special attention to the temperature of the liquid being measured. Many users ignore this point and think that the temperature difference does not matter. Our experiments prove that when the temperature deviation is 0.5 °C, some liquid viscosity values deviate by more than 5%. The temperature deviation has a great influence on the kinematic viscometer, the temperature rises, and the viscosity decreases. Therefore, special attention should be paid to keeping the temperature of the liquid to be measured near the specified temperature point. It is best not to exceed 0.1 °C for accurate measurement.


Most kinematic viscometer instruments need to be leveled, and you should pay attention to the level problem after changing the rotor and adjusting the rotor height and during the measurement process, otherwise it will cause reading deviation or even reading. Some kinematic viscosity meter instruments need to be equipped with a protective frame. Read the instructions carefully and install them according to the regulations, otherwise it will cause reading deviation.


Advantages and disadvantages of capillary viscometer

Capillary viscometers measure viscosity by monitoring fluid flowing through very narrow glass tubes. In a capillary viscometer, the liquid is discharged or forced through a fine tube and the viscosity is determined based on the measured flow rate, applied pressure and tube size.

For a given pressure drop, the time it takes for the fluid volume to flow a certain distance through the tube is a function of the resistance to fluid flow. A more viscous liquid will take longer to travel the distance. To determine the viscosity, a given volume of fluid is measured for a certain distance (due to gravity or driving force) through the capillary. The capillary kinematic viscometer is calibrated with a standard fluid of known viscosity. The viscosity of the fluid can be calculated by multiplying the time required for the flow by the calibration constant.


Capillary viscometers are used to measure the viscosity of various fluids. Common examples include petroleum products, lubricants, adhesives and sealants. Different types of capillary viscometers are used to measure specific types of fluids, such as opaque viscometers for dark fluids, or high viscosity viscometers for fluids with particularly high viscosities.


1.Benefits of a capillary kinematic viscometer: Measuring the precise viscosity of multiple fluids, small and portable, you can use a variety of capillaries on the same viscometer.

2. Disadvantages of the capillary kinematic viscometer: no single tube is suitable for all viscosities, the basic model can only be used for translucent liquids, making it difficult to clean the capillary.


Some of its shortcomings are acceptable compared to the outstanding effects of a kinematic viscosity meter. If you are looking for a reasonably priced high quality kinematic viscometer, NANJING T-BOTA SCIETECH INSTRUMENTS&EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD can provide you with the best products.

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