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The analysis of falling weight deflectormeter

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With the development of road traffic infrastructure construction, more and more attention has been paid to the quality of road construction. Falling Weight Deflectometer has also become an important tool that is increasingly being valued by civil engineers. The falling weight deflectometer is one of the most advanced non-destructive testing equipment for pavement strength in the world. The working principle is as follows: the falling weight deflectometer measures the dynamic deflection of the road surface and inversely calculates the rebound modulus of the road surface. It has become a hot topic in the highway industry around the world.


The outlines of this article

1. The working principle of falling weight deflectometer

2. How to use falling weight deflectometer

3. The significance of falling weight deflectoeter

falling weight deflectometer

The working principle of falling weight deflectometer

Under the control of the computer system, the falling weight deflection device starts the falling weight device through the hydraulic system, so that the falling hammer of a certain quality falls freely from a certain height, and the impact force acts on the carrying plate and is transmitted to the road surface. Thereby a pulse load is applied to the road surface. The surface of the road surface is deformed instantaneously, and the sensor distributed at different distances from the measuring point detects the surface deformation of the structural layer, and the recording system transmits the signal to the computer, that is, the dynamic deflection and the deflection basin generated under the dynamic load are measured. The test data can be used to inversely calculate the modulus of the pavement structural layer, so as to scientifically evaluate the bearing capacity of the pavement.


How to use falling weight deflectometer

As one of the world's most advanced non-destructive testing equipment for pavement strength, falling weight deflectometer is an indispensable data measurement tool for road construction and quality inspection. With the advancement of technology, falling weight deflectometer is also making progress in design and manufacture, the difficulty of using it is getting lower and lower. Today's falling weight deflectometer is a computer-controlled smart device. From data collection to data analysis, all are carried out by falling weight deflectometer. It is fast, accurate, and difficult to use. It requires less manpower and you only need to machine. Connected to the back of the tractor or van, driving to the section to be tested, turning on the machine, the machine will solve all subsequent problems for you, so falling weight deflectoeter is an important helper for road construction, maintenance and quality inspection.


The significance of falling weight deflectoeter

Falling weight deflectoeter can quickly and accurately detect and evaluate the strength of various structural layers or subgrades on the pavement. Through the layer-by-layer inspection and back calculation of the structural layer, identify potential quality problem in a timely manner, and the treatment measures are quickly as possible, control the quality of the project. The development of urban road traffic has greatly promoted the urban economy. The quality assurance of roads can effectively reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, improve the service life of roads, and promote the economic development of a region. Therefore, the role of falling weight deflectoeter is self-evident.


Summary of this article

ensuring the safety and quality standards of pavement surface can effectively prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents, falling weight deflectometer is a important tool in toad construction and maintenance, it’s more efficient and accurate, As a falling weight deflectometer design and manufacturing company with many years of experience, it is always the best choice for you to buy falling weight deflectometer. 

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