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Static Plate Load Tester

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This tester is used to determine the subsidence value of the roadbed under the static load, so as to evaluate the bearing capacity and deformation of the roadbed.

It is suitable for monitoring the quality of foundation construction of railways, highways, airports, urban transportation, ports, terminals and industrial and civil buildings subject to static loads.

 After the ground is loaded and unloaded for the first time through the circular load bearing plate and the loading device, the second load is performed, and the measured stress σ of the load bearing plate and the corresponding center settlement value S of the load bearing plate are used to calculate The values of the deformation modulus Ev2 and Ev2 / Ev1.



Application soil type

Various types of soil and earth-rock mixed fillers with a particle size not larger than 1/4 of the bearing plate diameter

Test influence depth


Working environment

Temp. -10℃~40℃   humidity <90%HR

Handheld main unit


Screen size3 inch  


Weightaround 0.8kg

Storage capacity

400 group testing data

Data transmission method

 Cable transmission

Power supply

Large-capacity lithium battery, working time is more than 18 hours


Handheld main unit screen, switch display between Chinese and English interface

Mini Printer


Wireless Bluetooth printing 


Pressure sensor range


Displacement sensor range

25mm resolution 0.01mm

Data acquisition device

Loading plate



Weightaround 17.5kg

Loading device

Hydraulic pumpcapacity 100kN
high-pressure hoselength 2m
Plug-in pressure cylinder extension rod


Settlement test device

Three-point support frame (with retractable, rotatable lever arm, adjustable base)

Dimensionaround 2320×570×420mm(LxWxH)
Weightaround 12.5kg

Package size

Main unit

MaterialEngineering Plastics

Dimensionaround 470×360×170mm

Weightaround 7.0kg

Package case 1

MaterialAluminum alloy

Dimensionaround 1410×510×260mm

Weightaround 72kg

Package case 2

MaterialAluminum alloy

Dimensionaround 1270×440×230mm

Weightaround 32kg
























Main Features

  Sensors and some components are imported, with high test accuracy and more reliable test data;

Oil cylinder and manual pump imported from abroad, achieve outstanding pressure control and voltage stabilization performance;

 The displacement acquisition device adopts heavy-duty materials and a three-point support design, which has strong anti-seismic and wind-proof capabilities to ensure accurate data;

 LCD display in English interface, with backlight, it has better visibility in various environments.

Ev1, Ev2 and Ev2 / Ev1 are automatically calculated and display curve.

The hand-held main unit is equipped with a Bluetooth mini printer and directly printed on site to ensure the test results are accurate and objective.

USB transmission interface is convenient for connection with computer.

Voice prompt function makes operation more convenient.

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