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Should you buy a retroreflectometer?

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Many people know that retroreflectors can make a great contribution to ensuring road safety, but because retro reflector s are not really cheap, many people will hesitate: Should I invest in retroreflectors? Is this a cost-effective business?


Retroreflectometer for Road Marking

  • Why do you need a retroreflector?

  • Characteristics of modern retroreflectometers

  • How to operate the retroreflector correctly?

  • Precautions for using a retroreflectometer


Why do you need a retroreflector?

Retroreflectometers are the instrument of choice for municipalities and highways across the country to measure the reflectivity of road signs and markings, which is essential to maintaining safe driving. Therefore, unless you have regular visits by visual night inspectors, you will need to add a retroreflector to your arsenal.


The Unified Traffic Control Equipment Manual (MUTCD) requires road signs and markings to be retroreflective to ensure that appropriate visibility requirements are equal to or higher than the minimum requirements in MUTCD Table 2A-3. In fact, MUTCD states that all controls, warnings, and guidance signs should be reflective to show the same shape and similar colors during the day and night. To ensure compliance with these minimum levels, retro reflector s are the only way to eliminate subjectivity and insert objectivity to determine whether all road signs and markings meet these federal requirements.


Retroreflectors can reduce long-term costs for road safety and less than preventable accidents. Financial resources without secrets are limited. So how do you make the most cost-effective decisions while ensuring safe travel? The retroreflectometer clearly indicates if the sign needs to be replaced, eliminating the need to replace the blanket label. Available resources should always be placed on underperforming signs and tags. Usually, officials change the logo too early, and there is almost no sign that the budget needs to be replaced immediately.


Retroreflectors increase nighttime safety and signal reflectance is never as important. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), more than half of all traffic accidents die at night. The increase in the reflectance of the logo has increased the decision-making time of all drivers, especially those 65 and 65 years old, and the night lighting requires four times as much light as the 25-year-old driver.


The operation of the retroreflectometer is very simple and requires less instructions. The calculation of the retroreflection and the calculation of the RL value are mainly based on international standards, and the measurement results are directly displayed on the display. In the course of use, any error and warning messages for the problem will also be displayed on the display. The storage function of the retroreflector device provides a record of the time, date and of the following data (if available), including the name of the series (road name), the road marking type file, the user name, the GPS data (if installed) ), temperature and humidity, equipment status. The measurement results of the retro reflector device can be printed out via the built-in printer, and can be connected to the computer via PC RSC (Road Sensor Control) communication software, allowing measurement data to be exchanged on other computers.


Characteristics of modern retroreflectometers

1.Portable device

2. Ergonomic operating height

3. Measuring quickly. Measured in about 1 second

4. Retroreflectors can be measured in dry, humid and continuous rainfall conditions

5. Can measure flat, textured and cross-sectional markings

6. Automatically store all measured data as well as identify user names and series and tag and group measurements

7. Have an audible signal during use (if this feature is installed)

8. Easy one-step calibration process

9. Traceable calibration standard

10. Retroreflector with replaceable battery

11. Charging with the power adapter

12. Can calculate the average of 2~99 readings

13. Retroreflector uses multi-language design


How to operate the retroreflector correctly?

The retroreflectometer can detect whether the reflective performance of the vehicle body is up to standard, which adds a guarantee for the driving safety of the vehicle. In order to ensure accurate detection, it must be used according to the correct operation steps.


Turn on the retroreflector power switch (at the instrument panel). At this time, the number of the head is "000", indicating that the internal power of the instrument has been turned on. If the indication is not "000", please adjust it to "000" with the zero adjustment knob. Open the instrument light door switch (the middle position of the instrument, the knob is pulled out about 30mm from the chassis, do not pull hard) and calibrate at the same time: the instrument comes with a standard calibration plate, the calibration data is indicated above. Place the measurement port on the bottom of the instrument on the standard plate (the standard plate is directional, the arrow points to the direction of travel). Press the measurement knob (the red button on the instrument panel). At this time, the retroreflectometer will have data display. If it is not a given value, adjust the calibration knob until the header data is displayed as a calibration value.


If there is a change in the calibration zero, recalibrate it until it is displayed correctly. After the calibration zero adjustment operation is completed, the knob is locked and you can measure it. When measuring, the retroreflectometer is placed on the marking line and is in line with the driving direction. According to the anti-cursor line measurement technical requirements, five points must be selected. The measurement results of each point are recorded, and the arithmetic mean value is taken, which is the inverse reflection coefficient of the reticle. In addition to detecting the reflective performance of the vehicle body, the retroreflective measuring instrument can also detect the road signs and road markings, making the road driving safer at night.


Precautions for using a retroreflectometer

The retroreflective measuring instrument is easy to operate, can be measured around the clock, and is easy to carry and accurate. In order to be able to make better measurements during use, the instrument ensures the accuracy of the measurement, so be sure to pay attention to the following. Because the light source of the retroreflectometer can change slightly under the action of current, in order to measure the accuracy of the data, the instrument should be preheated for 10 minutes after starting up. At the end of each measurement, the shutter button must be reset and restored, and the instrument placed in the instrument box for storage. Shockproof, water release, dust removal. Take care to protect the standard board from damage.


When the retroreflective measuring instrument is not used for a long time, the instrument battery must be charged and maintained to prevent the battery activity from weakening. When the instrument shutter switch is not turned on, if the measurement button is pressed, data will also appear at this time. This data is the monitoring data of the instrument light source, and has nothing to do with the actual measurement. Please pay attention to the user. If the retroreflectometer is faulty during use, please contact the manufacturer or the dealer in time, and do not disassemble it yourself to avoid unnecessary damage.


If you feel the need to improve road safety and save on future road safety costs, then you should definitely buy a retroreflector that suits you. If you are looking for a good quality and reasonable price of retroreflectometer, NANJING T-BOTA SCIETECH INSTRUMENTS&EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD can provide you with the best products.

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