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Dynamic Deformation Modulus Tester Evd

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TBTLWD-1GW handheld light weight deflectometer is used to determine the deflection of subgrade under dynamic loading, further to evaluate the bearing capacity and deformation of subgrade. It is suitable to inspect construction foundation for railways, highways, airports, urban transportation, ports, docks and industrial & civil buildings under dynamic loading, especially suitable for inspecting narrow areas such as road-bridge (culvert) transition sections and road berm, or subgrage for existing railway or road. It can quickly measure the dynamic deformation modulus Evd value.

  • TBTLWD-1GW (wireless type)

Related Standard:

TB10102-2010 , TB10414-2003


Main features:

Mobile APP data processing allows wireless data acquisition and transmission.

Provided cloud transmission port that can be connected to engineering inspection management system to provide reliable data to achieve real-time data acquisition, online data analysis, and mega data management.

GPS provides precise positioning, accurate display test item information.

Imported sensors & components grants high test accuracy.
Operation is simple, test speed is fast as 35 seconds for one point.
The Evd value is automatically calculated with curve display, which is accurate and intuitive.
Equipped with Bluetooth mini printer, can directly print data & pictureson site.

Technical Specification:

Test range

Applicable soil type

Soil, soil-rock mixture at particle size ≤ 1/4 of the diameter of loading plate

Test range

Evd : 10Mpa≤Evd≤225Mpa

Test impact depth


working environment

temperature -10℃40℃   humidity 90%HR

Data acquisition device

Loading device

With 1 geophone sensor

Weight: 15kg, including hammer 10kg.

Hammerfalling height: 700±20mm
Maximum impact force: 7.07kN
Impact duration: 18±1ms

Loading Plate




Handheld host

Settlement test range



10G, depend on Mobile


screen size:5"  



Power supply

Depend on mobile

Display mode

App switchable for English/Chinese

Data transmission

Wireless cloud transmission



Wireless Bluetooth for printing


Packing case

Inside case Material: Engineering Plastic

420x140x335mm at 4.5kg

Outside case: Aluminum alloy case

1220x395x380mm at 56KG

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