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How to use falling weight deflectometer

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Roads and road infrastructure are critical to the country ’s socio-economic and technological progress. In recent years, public interest in road monitoring and maintenance has increasingly attracted people's attention. Road maintenance is essential to ensure road quality. Observing safety and road quality standards can effectively prevent accidents, and in the event of a traffic accident, the weight deflectometer is an important tool for toad production.

Main points of this article

1. what’s falling weight deflectometer

2. different models of falling weight deflectometers

3. the working principle of falling weight deflectometer

4. how to use falling weight deflectometer

what’s falling weight deflectometer

Falling weight deflectometer is an intelligent device mainly used by civil engineer, it can measure the vertical deflection response of the pavement surface and calculate the data, give civil engineer a fully understanding about the pavement. With the development of road and road transport infrastructure, falling weight deflecetometer has become a essential device for civil engineer, the data collected by falling weight deflecometer can be used to determine the bearing capacity of the in-situ pavement structure, for pavement performance analysis, to predict the layer modulus of the pavement layer, the remaining life of the pavement, and the reinforcement and repair measures determined to meet the requirements.

portable falling weight deflectometer 

Different models of falling weight deflectometers

TBT understand customers from different regions have different product needs,In order to meet the different needs of customers, TBT has different models of falling weight deflectometer for you, like portable light falling weight deflectometer(LWD), heavy falling weight deflectometer(HWD) and falling weight deflectometer, every falling weight deflectometer has it’s characteristic, portable falling weight deflectometer is a portable version falling weight deflectometer, It’s advantage is that it is light and easy to carry. Portable falling weight deflectometer can be disassemble and install anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t need connect to any truck or van, it can be operated by bare hands. Compare with portable falling weight deflectometer, heavy falling weight deflectometer is a upgrade version from original falling weight deflectometer, it can simulate the pulse of aircraft and ship, so it can be used to evaluate the physical capacity of airport pavement and harbor area.

The working principle of falling weight deflectometer

Falling weight deflectometer (FWD) is consist of load impact system, radar and sensor system, and the built-in computer, the load impact system can simulate the load generated by rolling vehicle, the radar and sensor system’ job is detect and collect the data respond from the pavement surface and upload to the computer, the computer will analysis and calculate the data.


How to use falling weight deflectometer

Here in TBT, we provide all-round service for our customers, with our global leading manufacturing technology, we can provide the most intelligent deflectometer for you, maybe you are worry don’t know how to operate the falling weight deflectometer, We offer one stop solutions for installation and testing, we support on-site training at the customer's site, usually in conjunction with installation and commissioning and also we support the training of our customers at the factory, which is usually carried out together with the pre-shipment inspection of the goods.


Here in TBT, we not only have technologically advanced products, but also provide customers with a full range services. Customer satisfaction is our aim.

We offer our customer operational training and one year warranty period, TBT always your first choice when you want buy a falling weight deflectometer.

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