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What does an asphalt binder tester do?

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The asphalt binder tester consists essentially of a high precision apparatus combining an ignition oven to a continuous weighing system to monitor the loss of weight of the asphalt sample and to automatically determine, at the end of the test, the binder content and percentage. An independently controlled auxiliary afterburner chamber significantly reduces the furnace emissions. The asphalt binder tester is supplied complete with double sample basket/safety cover, extraction fork and 3 meters of metal exhaust pipe.

The article contains three parts:

1.Main mesures to do a lot of things  

2. The asphalt binder tester provides attendees with many things

3. What is the asphalt binder tester for?

Asphalt Binder Tester(Ignition Method) 

1. Main mesures to do a lot of things  

Asphalt binders are complex materials that are difficult to specify and test, and the development of standard test methods and effective and meaningful specifications for bituminous binders has been a major effort. An asphalt binder tester has some main features. Firstly, it has full automatic test cycle with simultaneous display of all test parameters, including weight loss and %. Secondly, it has high efficiency heating system with additional afterburner for complete combustion of exhaust fumes, conforming to CE prescriptions. Thirdly, it has PID closed loop temperature control. There is also a built in weighing system. Test time can be reduced to 30-40 minutes. The test performance menu comprises the simultaneous display of all test data. Internal database can be up to 100 tests. Each test can be displayed and printed or sent to PC by the RS 232 port. At last, it has high quality stainless steel internal chamber.


2. The asphalt binder tester provides attendees with many things

The asphalt binder tester provides specialized training in pavement laboratory testing techniques. The asphalt binder tester provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to promote awareness of the latest relevant developments. The asphalt binder tester provides two modules of five days each concerning Subgrade, Subbase, Hot mix asphalt, Mix design and superpavetm recommendations. The asphalt binder tester provides delegate Pack including comprehensive notes and power point presentations. The asphalt binder tester provides certificates of Attendance.


3. What is the asphalt binder tester for?

The asphalt binder tester serves all levels of testing (public and private) in the field of road laboratories, which participate in or are responsible for a variety of basic and professional road engineering tests, and for statistical consistency analysis of material test results, including specifications. One of the earliest asphalt binder testers was the needling test, or one of its variants, which allowed small, lightweight needles to penetrate the bitumen in a set amount of time. The distance from the needle to the asphalt was measured and used as an indicator of the hardness of the binder. Other such empirical tests are ring and ball softening point temperature and ductility tests, although these tests are useful to a certain extent. In the 1960s, many highway departments began to adopt viscosion-based specifications. The viscosity asphalt binder tester methods and data generated are superior to those obtained from previous empirical asphalt binder testers and provide information on the basic properties of bitumen binders and provide reasonably repeatable results across laboratories.

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