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What are the steps of using asphalt binder tester?

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Asphalt testing equipment offers a wide range of product options, but first, what is the purpose of the asphalt binder content test? How should we use the asphalt binder tester to be safe and correct? What should you watch out for when using an asphalt binder testing machine?


Why do you want to test the asphalt binder content?

What are the steps involved in the asphalt binder content test?

Considerations for using an asphalt binder tester


Why do you want to test the asphalt binder content?

Asphalt is called asphalt concrete, asphalt concrete or just asphalt, which is the most widely used building material for paving roads. Mixture design was developed in the laboratory using bitumen as the binder and fine aggregate and coarse aggregate. A careful asphalt binder content test is then performed to produce hot mix asphalt for various paving applications. The performance of asphalt pavements must continue to increase to meet the needs of today's transportation infrastructure. Modern asphalt pavements must be able to withstand rutting, thermal changes, high load cycling, water pressure, etc. The use of an asphalt binder tester to test the pore content, density, shear strength, stiffness and fatigue resistance of the asphalt ensures that the building material is capable of this task.


To produce pavement mixes with long service life and low maintenance costs, a large amount of asphalt binder content should be tested in the laboratory. Aggregate, binder type and additives were evaluated separately before finding the correct mixing ratio. Once a suitable mix design is established, quality control and quality assurance testing will ensure the quality of the pavement.


What are the steps involved in the asphalt binder content test?

The asphalt binder content test covers a variety of tests to evaluate the performance of the binder component in the asphalt or paving mix, which affects the performance of the hot mix product. The pavement quality test is the final step in the test, starting with the laying of hot mix asphalt felt. These tests ensure that quality control requirements are met. An important part of the asphalt binder content test is the determination of the binder content according to EN 12697/1. By using a solvent to determine the binder content, the analyzer can recover minerals, aggregates, bitumen or other additives and separate the asphalt mixture into its essential components. EU regulations impose stricter new requirements on the use and handling of solvents, allowing only the extraction of asphalt mixtures in closed systems.


The asphalt mixture is designed through a series of tests and tested according to the formulation of the working mixture to determine the optimum binder content. Therefore, at the site, before the final payment to the contractor, it is necessary to ensure that the amount of asphalt required for the hybrid design is actually used at the site.


The asphalt binder tester is designed and manufactured according to the "asphalt content test in the asphalt mixture (burning furnace method)". The asphalt binder tester determines the asphalt content quickly, correctly, safely and reliably. Suitable for determining the asphalt content of asphalt mixtures. The asphalt binder tester can also be used for the analysis of asphalt mixtures after combustion. This machine is also known as an asphalt binder ignition furnace. Mainly used to test the content of asphalt binder. The asphalt binder testing machine consists of an oven, balance and control system.


Considerations for using an asphalt binder tester

1. When using asphalt binder tester equipment, its input signal or external load should be limited to the specified range, and overload operation is prohibited.

2. The asphalt binder tester must be plugged into a protective earthing power supply socket before powering up to ensure safety.

3. For the first time, the equipment personnel must be operated under the guidance of skilled personnel, and they can operate independently after being proficient.

4. Read the instruction manual of the asphalt binder testing machine carefully to understand and be familiar with the operating procedures and operating requirements of the instrument.

5. Connect the instrument to the power supply according to the requirements specified in the manual, and turn it on, so that the instrument is in normal working condition.

6. Connect the computer and install the operating software of the instrument to make the computer in normal operation.

7. Design the verification procedures and verification points.


Asphalt binder content testing can involve hazardous materials, operations and equipment, so users must always take safety precautions and ensure that a qualified, tested asphalt binder tester is purchased. If you are looking for a good quality and reasonable price of asphalt binder tester, NANJING T-BOTA SCIETECH INSTRUMENTS&EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD can provide you with the best products.


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