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What are the application areas of ground penetrating radar?

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In engineering inspection, the new non-destructive inspection equipment ground penetrating radar is very popular, not only very convenient to carry, but also has the advantages of non-destructive, detection efficiency, high accuracy, and by many engineers and technicians. At present, the physical detection of road thickness detection and tunnel thickness detection has been actively promoted and applied. The next is a detailed introduction of ground penetrating radar application areas.

Here is the content list:

  • Engineering physical prospecting survey

  • Municipal pipeline inspection

  • Road and bridge detection

  • Pipeline tunnel detection

  • Military units

  • Mining

ground penetrating radar

Engineering physical prospecting survey

Ground penetrating radar is mainly used to identify underground bad geology in the engineering area such as karst, collapse, a broken belt, etc. GPR, the NDT detection is an effective way to prevent accidents from construction, such as tilting houses, cracked walls, and collapsed roads.

Municipal pipeline inspection

Used in urban construction to identify the distribution of underground metallic or non-metallic pipelines. Underground pipelines are an important part of urban infrastructure, but also the lifeline of the city's survival and development, the arrival of ground penetrating radar for the management and maintenance of pipeline network security has brought great help, underground metal detection technology is also becoming increasingly mature.

Road and bridge detection

Ground penetrating radar is also used to identify poor geological body investigation in road or bridge site selection. Road and bridge projects often have inorganic bonding material base cracks, uneven silty concrete pavement, bored piles broken piles, and other hazards. At this time, the ground penetrating radar can play good prevention of hazards on the road and bridgework.

Pipeline tunnel detection

Used for tunnel advance forecast, detection of tunnel construction quality, etc. We all know that the tunnel has a large cross-section, many ancillary facilities, operating environment requirements, and other characteristics, so the technical level of tunnel construction and detection is also first to higher. The use of ground penetrating radar plays a strong help to the construction quality and better ensures the operation safety, structural performance, and service life of the tunnel. '

Military units

Explosive detection of military sites: the traditional electromagnetic induction mine detector is the use of metal on the magnetic field to detect mines containing metal, the current use of plastic mines is widely used, the traditional mine detector will not be able to help, and more shrapnel on the battlefield, induction mine detector false alarm rate is too high, making the mine detection operation is very difficult. The ground penetrating radar mainly uses the mine reflection signal to detect mines and has the target imaging capability, which can better solve the problems faced by the traditional my detector.


Ground penetrating radar has an important role in the exploration and mining industry, especially in underground mapping. In the mining industry, ground penetrating radar reduces the cost of mining. Through effective methods such as borehole surveys, information can be obtained from the deep sea at an acceptable cost. The measurement system helps in identifying rock quality, determining mining safety, determining bedrock depth, identifying rock quality, mineral exploration, groundwater exploration, fracture characterization, etc. Ground penetrating radar also helps to accurately locate subsurface structures before handling operations. In deep good applications, the system is critical for identifying geological features such as fractures, shear zones, and faults in potential rock blasting areas.

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