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Things you need to know about asphalt binder tester

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Asphalt binder tester for most people is absolutely a very new thing, many people do not even know the test of asphalt binder content is what the purpose. One might think that simply putting asphalt on the road would do the trick, but that's not the case. So what is the asphalt binder testing machine?


Asphalt Binder Tester

  • Why is asphalt binder content tested?

  • What are the characteristics of asphalt binder?

  • The function of asphalt binder tester

  • Notes for use of asphalt binder tester


Why is asphalt binder content tested?

First, let's look at some asphalt binders. The asphalt binder's job on the road is to hold the rock that forms the sidewalk together so it doesn't push the sidewalk into ruts, and it won't crack when the sidewalk gets cold, ages, or drives a heavy truck. On the way. This is what every pavement engineer hopes to achieve.


Asphalt begins its journey during the discovery of crude oil. The recombination of crude oil is the material that becomes the road binder. Each source and type of crude oil has different characteristics, which will have a significant impact on pavement performance. As with any journey, the explorer can choose as many rest stops as necessary, but on this trip, three main rest stops are needed. The first stop on the trip is crude oil entering the refining process. Modern refining process plays an important role in the final properties of binder. Decisions to produce other products in refineries also affect the performance of liquid asphalt. The main raw material of the refining process is unleaded gasoline. The side flow of the refining process is asphalt. The highest economic value of a refinery is to maximize the production of unleaded gasoline. The second stop on our journey was to understand the basic chemistry of liquid asphalt. The chemical composition of an adhesive affects its flexibility, its bond to rock, and its ability to be modified by other materials, such as polymers. The final stop is to understand the physical properties of the asphalt binder. This allows engineers to choose the right binder for a particular road surface.


What are the characteristics of asphalt binder?

The physical properties of bitumen adhesives are viscosity, dynamic shear characteristics, creep stiffness, direct tension, short-term aging, long-term aging. As cement, bitumen is particularly valuable to engineers for the following reasons:

1.It ACTS as an oil at high temperatures (above 80 ° c) to assist in lubricating asphalt mixtures consisting of aggregates, liquid bitumen and other additives or polymers.

2. It has excellent adhesion and can be bonded to aggregate.

3. It is waterproof to the aggregate in the sidewalk.

4. It is a durable material.


The function of asphalt binder tester

The asphalt binder content test is used to determine the amount of asphalt actually used in the recently laid asphalt pavement or asphalt concrete. The durability, compatibility, and resistance to defects such as ruts, oozing, tearing, and aging on flexible asphalt surfaces depend largely on the amount of asphalt used to coat filler aggregates in asphalt substrates.

Therefore, the test has the same parallelism as the cylinder compression test of actual concrete samples obtained in the field before concrete placement, so as to determine that the actual compression strength should meet the required mix design.

Asphalt mixture design is through a series of tests and tests according to the working mixture formula to determine the best binder content. Therefore, on site, prior to final payment to the contractor, it is necessary to ensure that the amount of asphalt required for the mixed design is actually used on site.


Notes for use of asphalt binder tester

1.Asphalt binder tester and electrical sources must be safely grounded.

2. Asphalt binder testing machine should be selected flat, stable, windswept site installation.

3. To keep the asphalt adhesive tester clean, solution is not allowed to enter the motor to cause damage.

4. Asphalt binder testing machine abnormal sound or other obstacles first cut off the power for inspection.

5. After the completion of the work, should first carry out the cleaning of the asphalt binder testing machine, so as not to cause trouble.

6. Asphalt binder testing machine equipment in the process of use must be kept clean, clean, each use should be completely clean.

7. The equipment should be dust-proof and arranged with fleece.

8. Asphalt binder content testing may involve hazardous materials, operations and equipment. Safety precautions must always be taken. Inhalation of solvent fumes can be particularly harmful, so it is recommended that the area in which the extraction tests are carried out be well ventilated and that adequate fans be provided.


If you want to successfully test the content of asphalt binder, then a qualified asphalt binder tester is indispensable. If you are looking for a good quality and reasonable price of asphalt binder tester, NANJING T-BOTA SCIETECH INSTRUMENTS&EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD can provide you with the best products.

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